UV99 exclusive 3-D scrim show

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UV99 Laser are the exclusive producers of the 3-D multi-layer scrim show.
We have 3-d transparent objects from 2 to 20 feet in diameter.
UV99 designed and built their first 3-D scrim in 1994. The deign was unfortunately shelved until 1999 while they concentrated on pushing the boundaries of ultra large mulit-layer flat scrim panel networks.
By 1999 the competition was catching on and began offering multi-layer flat pannel scrim networks “just like UV99”.
Seeing the writing on the wall UV99 decided it was time to unveil the 3-D scrim technology to the USA.
Since that time these 3-D scrims have become a signature not to mention exclusive UV99 effect.
They have flown at hundreds of events with the most notable being a seven year stint at the Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Uv99 has worked for a wide variety of clients with the most notable being:

Boeing for the 787 Dreamliner unveiling
Coachella Valley Music Festival 2001-2007
Jim Carrey’s personal Holiday party December 2006
Microsoft. Who hasn’t worked for Microsoft?
Paramount Pictures on the movie Virtuosity released in 1995
Warner Bros. Records Electric Highway Tour 1997

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